Life is all about choices! No matter how big, how small, how easy or how difficult a choices is, each one effects everyone and everything around us and determines the course of our life. One Choice at a Time is an exciting new podcast that’s all about the many choices we’re faced with in our lives, how they effect us, why we struggle to make them and how we can overcome the “analysis paralysis” that keeps us stuck. Join Debbie O’Keefe as she guides and inspires you to create a life you never want to escape from and love yourself while you do it…one choice at a time.

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#1: What are the top 3 things that keep us “STUCK” and make choices and decision making so hard?

Summary In our first episode of One Choice at a Time I’m going to be sharing the top 3 things that keep us “stuck” in the cycle of “analysis paralysis” and “procrastination domination” and make decision making so challenging for us (most especially women). I’ll share some of my own experiences as well as whatContinue reading “#1: What are the top 3 things that keep us “STUCK” and make choices and decision making so hard?”

One Choice at a Time Promo

Summary It’s been a long time in the making and I’ve been doing a lot of work (personally and professionally) behind the scenes to get to this point. The time has finally come, and I’m SO excited to share the latest change I’ve made and to release the promo for my new podcast, One ChoiceContinue reading “One Choice at a Time Promo”

Knowing When to Quit

Summary Our culture and society has stigmatized “quitting” as a bad thing and associates it with laziness and weakness. But there are times where quitting is the very thing that we are meant to do and that is the only true solution and path to peace and freedom. Join me in this episode where IContinue reading “Knowing When to Quit”


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